About Me

My name is FANOMEZANTSOA ANDRIANIRINA, just shortened to FANO.
Since 1996, I have been guiding and developing itineraries for various tour companies as a wildlife guide.
I am very familiar with all of the « must visit » sites in Madagascar and my many experiences allow me to provide you the ‘tour for a lifetime’ in this country.

For those who are looking for a Madagascar local tour guide : I am fluent in English, German, French and Malagasy..

Why book with me?

You will receive a one-on-one approach and you can be assured of a very personal service.
All those who have already travelled with me have witnessed that on their testimonials. If you have just heard about Madagascar and do not know how to organise your tour here :

Madagascar is a large country with a a great deal to see/do. I will custom design for you a great tour which allows you to experience this country within the time and budget you have available to travel here .

Again, I can tailor a touring experience for viewing wildlife, for honeymooners and/or for new or experienced adventurers.

For birders in particular :
I am myself a birder, and have seen already all the endemics of Madagascar and can organise Madagascar birding tour which suit your pace and desires without being bothered by the fact of being a member of a larger group.
I know the locations, the local guides, and the best means of finding the specialities that you seek!